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Now serving Isle Royale National Park and Keweenaw National
Historical Park in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Isle Royale Botany Workshop: Click here for details: June 9 - 14, 2014

Isle Royale Photography Workshop: Click here for details: June 13 - 18, 2014

Photography Workshop in Keweenaw's Fall Color: Click here for details: October 3 - 5, 2014

Isle Royale StickerNew! Isle Royale Sticker
Explore Lake Superior's Island Wilderness. The new Isle Royale sticker, with aerial image by Neil Harri, measures 3" x 5". Adheres to most surfaces like windows, canoes, kayaks, boats, or cars so you can take a little bit of the island with you wherever you go.

Advice From Isle RoyaleAdvice from Isle Royale Items
Postcard - $2.75
Bookmark - $2.75
Magnet - $4.50
T-shirt - $16.95
2XL T-shirt - $18.95
Sweatshirt - $24.95
2XL Sweatshirt - $26.95

Postcards are 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", bookmarks are 2 1/4" x 8 1/4", and magnets are 3 1/2" x 2 3/4". Shirts are Indigo Blue. T-shirts are heavy weight, pre-shrunk 100% cotton. Sweatshirts are heavy weight, 50/50 cotton/poly blend. Please specify shirt size(s) (Adult Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2XL) in "Special Instructions" box when you checkout.

Everyone could use some advice from Isle Royale: Open yourself to the journey • Roll with the waves • Escape to solitude • Stop and smell the balsam • Embrace wildness • Be starstruck • Relax, slip into island time!

Isle Royale BandanaIsle Royale Bandana
Royal Blue - $7.50
Hunter Green - $7.50
Image of the island with points of interest around the border. Bandana measures 21" x 21".
Island and points of interest printed in white ink on royal blue or hunter green bandana. 100% cotton. Made in the USA.

Isle Royale National Park 2014 CalendarSale! Isle Royale National Park 2014 Calendar
Original price was $13.95. Enjoy Isle Royale every day of the year with this beautiful collection of images by photographer Carl TerHaar. 13 month calendar.

Moose Wolf or Loon 2014 CalendarSALE! Moose, Wolf or Loon 2014 Calendar
$6.95 Moose
$6.95 Wolf
$6.95 Loon
Original price was $14.99. From Willow Creek Press, each 12-month calendar features 4 bonus months of September through December of 2013. Large boxes to record dates and special events. Includes moon phases, U.S. and international holidays. Spectacular color photos of either moose, wolves, or loons

Start planning your trip now to your favorite national park. Your purchases help support Isle Royale and Keweenaw Parks.

Isle Royale National Park

Try the value package designed for your trip:

Hiking & Canoeing PackageHiking & Canoeing Package

Includes the folded National Geographic Trails Illustrated map (each side of the map shows one half of the island), the book Isle Royale National Park: Foot Trails and Water Routes,(4th edition), and the park checklists of birds, mammals and rocks.

Fishing PackageFishing Package
Large Mailing Tube $4.00-add only one for rolled chart(s)
Includes the Isle Navigational Chart, the book, The Fishes of Isle Royale, and Isle Royale fishing regulations.
To receive your chart neatly rolled, be sure to add the mailing tube-if you are ordering more than chart/poster, select the largest tube from the items you are ordering-most orders can be rolled in just one medium or large tube.

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Or select individual items to make your trip perfect, more items are available from our full catalog.

Exploring Isle Royale DVD
$21.95 - DVD
This orientation DVD produced by the National Park Service shows how to best enjoy the Island's many attributes, including its trails, lakes and campsites. Winner of the 1995 Michigan Outdoor Writers Association Best Outdoor Travel Program. 28 minutes.

Trails Illustrated Map
Revised in 2006. Complete topographic map includes valuable wilderness tips and Leave No Trace guidelines, along with updated trails, trailheads, points of interest, campgrounds and much more. Printed on waterproof, tear-resistant material with a plastic coating for extreme durability. Measures 4" x 9" folded and 25" x 37" fully opened, with one half of Isle Royale on each side of the map. Scale = 1:50,000.

The Diary of an Isle Royale School TeacherThe Diary of an Isle Royale School Teacher
by Dorothy Simonson
5th Printing. 2013. First published in 1988, this perennial favorite shares the joys and hardships of a winter spent on Isle Royale. Dorothy Simonson's journal, edited by son Bob who spent that winter with her, recounts with honesty and humor the challenges she faced during eight months teaching a Chippewa Harbor fisherman's family in 1932-33. 138 pages.

Becoming WildernessBecoming Wilderness: Nature, History, and the Making of Isle Royale National Park
by Amalia Tholen Baldwin
Honorable Mention winner for General Interest Publication: 2012 APPL Media & Partnership Awards! This book explores the little-known backstory of Isle Royale's twenty-year journey from a largely unknown island in Lake Superior to the nation's first wilderness national park. Author Amalia Baldwin reveals the complex interplay of people, politics, and the evolving concept of wilderness behind the simple story that has been told of the park's formation. Black and white photos, 90 pages.

Foot Trails & Water Routes (Isle Royale National Park)
by Jim DuFresne
Fourth Edition! Details on the park's flora, fauna, fishing opportunities and history. Complete descriptions for trails and waterways, including mileage, difficulty and amenities at each destination. More than 60 photos and 35 detailed maps of the park's backcountry. 184 pages.

Island Life: An Isle royale Nature GuideIsland Life: An Isle Royale Nature Guide
by Ted Gostomski and Janet Marr
A complete Isle Royale nature guide that describes all the common flora and fauna of the island in a full color, compact book. Perfect for your backpack or bookshelf. 168 pages.

Fortunate Wilderness: The Wolf and Moose Study of Isle Royale DVD
a film by George Desort
A film by George Desort profiles both the unique relationship between moose and wolves on Isle Royale and the historic half-century wildlife study that chronicles that relationship. This fascinating film features interviews with the biologists, including David Mech, the eminent wolf biologist who, as a graduate student, assisted Durwood Allen; Rolf Peterson, who spent nearly four decades of his professional life doing groundbreaking work on Isle Royale's wolves and moose; and John Vucetich, who, in 2000, became Peterson's research partner. One hour in length DVD.

Minong - The Good Place: Ojibwe and Isle Royale
by Timothy Cochrane
"At last, an accurate account of the North Shore Ojibwe's relationship with Isle Royale, or Minong - the good place. We now have a clear view of the historic Ojibwe use of Isle Royale - a subject that has been ignored, forgotten, and corrupted for far too long. Cochrane does an excellent job of giving the source and finding out about Ojibwe history from the relatives and descendents of the groups who were actually involved and are still connected to the island today." - Liz Valencia, Historian, Isle Royale National Park. Paper, 285 pages.

Naked in the Stream: Isle Royale Stories
by Vic Foerster
After thirty years of visits to Isle Royale National Park, Foerster records his experience and wonderment in this narrative. Funny and poignant, riveting and heart-thumping, Foerster describes his first Isle Royale hike with humor and humility. Beautifully illustrated by former Isle Royale Artist-in-Residence, Joyce Koskenmaki, this wonderfully crafted book takes an intimate look into what it means to find and revere wilderness. Paper, 288 pages.

Winter Study 2013Winter Study 2013 Notes From the Field
by John A. Vucetich
Isle Royale National Park is a remote, wilderness island located in Lake Superior. The island is inhabited by a population of wolves and moose. Every winter, the author, John Vucetich, and his colleagues, Rolf Peterson and Don Glaser, conduct Winter Study. Winter Study is the world's longest continuous study of any predator-prey system in the world. This winter, 2013, is the 55th year Winter Study. "Notes from the Field" is a daily account of the adventures and discoveries of Winter Study. Paperback, color photos,34 pages.

Ranger FallPhotograph of the M/V Ranger III
by Susan Hooker
Own this beautiful recent photograph of the National Park Service's Ranger III on her way to Isle Royale. Hancock artist Susan Hooker captured the ship with the October colors along the Keweenaw Waterway in their full glory. The photograph is matted and mounted on foam core to fit a standard 11 x 14 inch frame (not included).

Keweenaw National Historical Park

1913 Massacre DVD1913 Massacre DVD
A film by Ken Ross and Louis V. Galdieri
1913 Massacre follows singer/songwriter Arlo Guthrie to the town of Calumet, a once-thriving mining town on Michigan's Upper Peninsula still haunted by the tragic events that inspired his father Woody Guthrie's ballad '1913 Masscre'. On Christmas Eve, 1913, at a party for the children of striking copper miners, someone cried Fire! In the panic, 74 people were crushed to death, 59 of the dead were children. There was no fire. 1913 Massacre captures the last living eyewitnesses of the 1913 tragedy, reconstructs Calumet's past from memories, legends, and songs, and traces the legacy of the Italian Hall disaster to the present day. Out of work, out of money, out of luck, the town struggles to survive while trying to live down its past. Color/65 minutes/NTSC

1913 Strike Poster1913 Strike Poster
Medium Mailing Tube - $3.50
Color poster commemorating the centennial of the 1913 Michigan copper miner's strike. 12" x 18"

1913 Package ~ Buy both the poster and the DVD and save!
Purchase the 1913 Strike Poster and the 1913 Massacre DVD together.

Downtown Calumet: Guide to the Historic Mining Community
This walking tour guide for downtown Calumet, MI, takes you on a journey through the history and heritage of this historic mining community, with information and stories about 26 buildings and sites.

Industrial Calumet: A Guide to the Calumet & Hecla Copper Mining Company's Industrial Site
A walking tour guide for the former surface operations of the Calumet & Hecla copper mining company in Calumet, MI. The guide assists visitors in walking around the site by providing descriptions of the remaining structures and their past functions.

KNHP Package ~ Buy both and save!
Purchase the Downtown Calumet and the Industrial Calumet booklets together.

Exploring Michigan's Historic Copper CountryExploring Michigan's Historic Copper Country
by Celeste Haapala
Winner of Best Visitor Guides at the 2012 APPL Media & Partnership Awards! Travel through Michigan's Copper Country, beginning with prehistoric copper mining and following the rich vein of history up to the mines' waning days in the 20th century. Today Keweenaw National Historical Park and its nineteen Keweenaw Heritage Sites tell the stories of the people and places that grew out of this rich history.

Historic Pipe Organs of the Keweenaw: Houghton County, Michigan
by Anita Campbell and Jan Dahlquist
The Keweenaw is unique to have an abundance of historic pipe organs still in service. This booklet gives a history of 14 of the remaining organs, and a brief history of the churches that house these treasures. Color photos. Paper, 34 pages.

Hollowed Ground: Copper Mining and Community Building on Lake Superior, 1840's-1990's
by Larry Lankton
This book provides an informative and absorbing account of copper mining on Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula. By focusing on the region's three largest copper producers, it documents the dynamic evolution of the Keweenaw's social and industrial landscapes, giving a context for understanding those landscapes today. Paper, 375 pages.

Mine Towns: Buildings for Workers in Michigan's Copper Country
by Alison K. Hoagland
The first working-class history of domestic life in Copper Country company towns during the years of 1890 to 1918, this book investigates how the architecture of a company town revealed the paternal relationship that existed between the company managers and workers. Paper, 307 pages.

Risk and Resilience DVDRisk and Resilience DVD
The National Park Service produced this moving short film as part of the exhibit at the Calumet Visitor Center. Now you can enjoy the video at home and share it with family and friends! Experience the story and spirit of Calumet through historic photos, film footage, and on-screen interviews with local residents. The Copper Age is over, but the simple power of the Keweenaw - a place of history and possibilities that draws its people back - is still very much alive. 14 minutes.

Walking Paths and Protected Lands of the Keweenaw
Edited by Joan Chadde
A lovely little guide to some of the most beautiful walkways in the Keweenaw. Directions, descriptions, and history of 22 protected areas, illustrated with maps and photos for those who wish to experience the Keweenaw from off the beaten trail. 80 pages, full color.


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